3.7-litre V6 VVEL® Engine

Liberating Performance

The first time you touch the accelerator, you'll know everything has changed. The visceral intensity of the hard-charging, 325-hp engine is brought to life by exclusive VVEL® technology, which continually optimizes valve lift and timing for a broader torque curve and invigorating acceleration.

More Torque

VVEL® technology improves torque across the entire rpm range, helping to give you a strong burst of exhilaration whenever you want it.

Fuel Efficiency

VVEL® technology increases fuel efficiency by constantly managing air intake to maximize performance and minimize waste.

Faster Acceleration

By allowing more air into the cylinders from the start of acceleration, VVEL® technology delivers a quicker response for instant power.

7-speed Automatic Transmission

Seven Dimensions of Performance

Until it is harnessed, engine power is purely potential. Channeling the considerable power generated by the engine is a 7-speed automatic transmission. A sophisticated learning algorithm adapts to your individual driving style and adjusts automatic shifting to optimize engine performance. Select manual shift mode and take complete control of the seven precisely-matched gears. When downshifting, the engine automatically adjusts engine speed output to smooth out shifts.

Sport Brakes

Extraordinary Control

The massive 14-inch front rotors and sculpted 4-piston front calipers grab faster and with more finite control. Press the brake pedal and you'll feel their precise feedback and gain a greater sense of power and control.

Performance Brakes

Coupe-like Ride Quality

Refinement Redefined

In designing the Q60 Convertible, Infiniti engineers were committed to maintaining the feel and handling of a coupe. Rigid body structure and dampening, along with independent front and multi-link rear suspension, allow for heightened responsiveness during cornering and minimized upper body shake. Dual Flow Path® shock absorbers help create a synchronous bond that makes handling as agile as it is effortless.