Spacious cargo space in an INFINITI QX60




Shopping for an SUV can feel overwhelming, even when it's not your first time. These days, the sheer number of options out there is staggering. Aside from the classic eight-seaters, there are more compact and midsize models than ever. One big reason for their rise in popularity is space. Whether it's room to stretch out or fit more stuff, Canadians want plenty. 

The moment you start browsing SUVs, you see claims about space made left, right and centre. It's tough to be sure what really fits your needs. When it comes to luxury, there's other criteria to consider, apart from litres or cubic feet. Here are some things to keep in mind when comparing luxury SUVs on the basis of space. Because dimensions only tell part of the story.

Flexible and foldable seating in the INFINITI QX60


Space means different things to different people. When sizing up an SUV’s spaciousness, think about how many passengers you need to seat. Is carpooling a thing in your household? Are you expecting any new additions to the family? Most SUVs fit between five and eight people, with two or three rows. To cover all your bases, you may want to consider a midsize model with room for seven.

Next, think about flexibility. If you usually drive with one or two guests, is there chance you might ever need to accommodate more? With some midsize SUVs, you have to sacrifice cargo for extra seats, so it’s good to be aware.

If you have kids, child seats will no doubt factor in. For instance, if you install more than one, will there be enough space between them? Would a rear-facing child seat in the second row make people up front feel cramped? Are the connectors easy enough to use? It's important to find out before you arrive at a decision.

Man and girl sitting in the second row of an INFINITI QX60


When you’re looking for the most spacious SUV, cargo volume can be make or break. The tricky thing is, researching trunk space means making sense of dimensions like litres or cubic feet. Sure, one model might have the bigger number, but that doesn’t always mean it’s better for you. 

Think about what you actually need room for, and how that might affect seating capacity. If you have to carry large items regularly, take note of the rear seats. Can they fold down to fit longer, more cumbersome things? Are you able to do it without crowding your backseat passenger? If you don't need a ton of volume – say enough for groceries or fitness gear – consider your occasional cargo needs. How often do you travel, or help a friend move?

A boy in the 2nd row of an INFINITI QX60 reaching for his backpack in the spacious cargo area | Finding The Most Spacious SUV

Once you’ve narrowed down a few options, you might also want a storage system to help keep things in place. Have a look at the accessories that let you make the best use of your trunk space. Simple additions like a cargo cover or storage divider can really come in handy.

Luxurious center console in the INFINITI QX60


When it comes to midsize SUVs, there’s no question that spaciousness is key. But when you invest in a luxury vehicle, there’s more to bear in mind about the cabin. 

You want that extra legroom, but what else is on your wishlist? Take a look at all the details that make up the interior. What materials, accents or stitching does it have? Do the seats offer good support? Can you set the temperature separately in each row? Variables like these can really benefit the atmosphere. And that’s what separates an amazing cabin experience from one that’s just okay. 

Plus, you want to make sure you have all the right tech. Some luxury SUVs offer a large touchscreen and premium entertainment features. Others deliver on one thing and miss the mark elsewhere. That’s why you should always be honest about what’s non-negotiable, and where you can be more flexible.