Side view of a red INFINITI QX55 crossover coupe

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Crossover Coupes Are Turning Heads

The Crossover Has Evolved

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a new type of utility vehicle emerge as one of Canada’s most popular: the crossover. It’s a compact take on the SUV, one that many drivers appreciate for its practicality. But as the crossover market becomes more crowded, a sportier off-shoot of this ubiquitous vehicle is starting to turn heads. It’s known as the crossover coupe and, though it’s technically been around for a while, it’s about to make a serious comeback. 

This category-bending vehicle is so appealing because it offers that crossover practicality – infused with the spirit of a sport coupe. It has functional design for the everyday, with a much bolder look and wind-in-your-hair performance. While that hits the mark dead-on for certain drivers, others might still be weighing their options when it comes to luxury crossovers and SUVs. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to have all the facts. Here’s a deep dive on each type of utility vehicle, to help you find the one that suits you best.

Man strapping his bike to the roof rails on an INFINITI crossover coupe

The dawn of a new segment

Let’s start from the beginning. The Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV came onto the scene in the early 1980s, marrying the height clearance of a truck with the drivability of smaller cars. 

Over the years, the SUV evolved into nuanced sub-categories. That’s how the crossover came to be, first making a name for itself in the ‘90s. Where SUVs are built on a larger pickup truck chassis, crossovers have a unibody platform – like a sedan. And with their compact size, they handle like one too. 

If you’re interested in off-road capability, a crossover may not be for you. The same goes if you often travel with a sizeable crew or – let’s be honest – if you’re simply after that grandiose SUV look. In that case, it’s not hard to find a model that checks all the luxury boxes and seats up to eight. But if you’re looking for something smaller, a little more functional and chic enough to impress, consider a premium crossover.

Crossovers come in many forms

With a name like crossover, it’s no surprise that these vehicles take more than just one form. If you look at the crossover category as a whole, you’ll see quite a variety. When it comes to design, the big difference between models depends on the platform size and body style. 

Usually, a full-size crossover that seats up to seven is built on the frame of a full-size car. By the same token, a compact crossover may be based on a compact car platform. And of course, a crossover coupe takes on the exterior styling of a sport coupe, while convertible crossovers let you drop the top. 

Of all these sub-categories, the crossover coupe has been seeing a recent uptick in popularity. Let’s take a closer look at what makes them so attractive.

Side and rear view of a gray INFINITI QX55 crossover coupe parked in an empty parking lot
Spacious cargo space fitting several suit cases in the INFINITI QX55 crossover coupe

What crossover coupes are all about

A crossover coupe marries the space and utility of a crossover with the dynamism of a sport coupe. That means functional design with a sharp appearance and even sharper handling. 

When you take a step back and look at coupes, they’re usually passenger cars with a sloping or truncated rear roofline and two doors. Add two more doors, generous space and a little extra brawn, and you have the crossover coupe. It’s like the INFINITI QX50 crossover meshed with the Q60 sport coupe – the best of both worlds.

Front view of an orange INFINITI FX crossover coupe

Creating the world’s first crossover coupe

Crossover coupes have become a trend in the industry, but when did they first debut? Well, a fun fact is that we released the world’s first crossover coupe back in 2003 – the INFINITI FX. What’s more, our Canadian team played a big part in the release, identifying a new desire for a crossover with the qualities of a sports car. 

With chiselled bodywork, a sweeping rear roofline and plenty of panache, there was nothing like it at the time. And now, we’ve created a brand new crossover coupe that takes FX style to a whole other level. But before we dive into that, let’s see how crossover coupes compare to SUVs, sedans and coupes.

Spacious and sporty interior in the INFINITI QX55 crossover coupe

Hitting that sweet spot between car and SUV

The crossover coupe is made for luxury drivers who spend a good amount of time in the city. If you want the spaciousness of an SUV without having to squeeze into tight parking garages, it might be right up your alley. And it doesn’t hurt that these eye-catching rides look good weaving through traffic. 

The same can be said of many luxury sedans and sport coupes. But with a crossover coupe, you can enjoy a few extra perks. Apart from generous space and cargo capacity, they let you sit higher on the road. That means you can see farther into the distance, which helps you spot any drivers making a sudden move – or pedestrians crossing ahead.

Besides, some drivers prefer to slide right onto their seat, rather than lower themselves into it. While this may or may not be your preference, there’s no denying that crossover coupes come with their own distinct magic. The head-turning silhouette. The sporty handling. The marriage of style and substance. It’s all under one roof – and that’s a vision of luxury many Canadians can appreciate.