New Fuel Economy Test Methods for 2015 Models

As of 2015, NRCan is implementing a new testing procedure known as 5-cycle testing for new vehicles. This will be a complete transition from the 2-cycle testing procedure to which 2014 and prior models were subjected. How does this change affect you as a consumer? The EnerGuide label found on new cars, a standard set by the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Fuel Consumption Guide, helps people feel secure in choosing an energy efficient vehicle that fits their lifestyle.

When you walk into a dealership, you’ll see the EnerGuide labels on Model Year 2015 vehicles, but those labels will feature different fuel consumption ratings from previous models. The new 5-cycle testing uses a more accurate methodology to give consumers a better idea how vehicles actually perform in both city and highway driving conditions.

With this more precise testing, fuel consumption may appear 10-20% higher, but this is actually not the case: 2015 vehicles do not consume more fuel than the comparable 2014 vehicle under the same driving conditions.

The following labels show an example of how ratings for the same vehicle will likely change based on the new test methods.

Model Year 2014
Model Year 2015

The chart below is an example to help illustrate how the 2015 models measure up to the older testing methods for energy efficiency.

2015 QX50


City Hwy Comb. City Hwy
2-Cycle 12.1 8.2 10.4 23 34
5-Cycle 13.7 9.7 11.9 21 29

We want to ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing a car. For additional information on this new testing method, please visit the NRCan Fuel Consumption Testing website.

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