Infiniti Protection Plus (IPP)

My vehicle already comes with Infiniti Factory Warranty. Why should I purchase an extended warranty?

Infiniti Protection Plus (IPP) is not just an extended warranty.

IPP Plan includes an unprecedented range of benefits that represents exceptional value. It provides a superior range of component coverage that will enhance your driving experience and help you with surprises down the road.

IPP Plan helps preserve your investment and protects you from the rising costs of vehicle repairs once the Infiniti Factory Warranty expires.

In case I sold my vehicle, is the IPP transferable to the next purchaser?

Yes it is. And unlike many other car manufacturers, we make the transferring procedure simple and carefree.

"How long do I have to purchase an Infiniti Protection Plus Plan? "

Infiniti recommends that an IPP plan be purchased at the same time of vehicle purchase/lease, this way you may conveniently include the cost of IPP in your financing or lease payments.

However, you may still be eligible to purchase an IPP plan after the time of vehicle purchase please consult your Infiniti dealer, for details.

"How is time & mileage expiration calculated on an IPP Plan? "

IPP plans are calculated from the time the vehicle was first put into service (Warranty Start Date) and ends at the time or kilometrage purchased, whichever comes first. For example: an Infiniti G35 Sedan with a Warranty Start Date of January 3, 2007 and odometer reading of 10 kms purchased a 72 months/160,000 km IPP plan – this IPP will expire on January 3, 2013 or at 160,000 kms whichever come first.

"How will I know if a component part is covered by my IPP plan or not? "

IPP covers the same items specified by the Infiniti New Vehicle Limited Warranty and Emission Control Warranty as described in the Infiniti Warranty Information booklet supplied with the vehicle (except those items listed in the what is not covered section found on the back of your Infiniti Protection Plus Agreement, or Infiniti Information Centre at 1-800-361-4792.

What if my vehicle cannot be driven to an Infiniti dealer because of a mechanical breakdown. Will IPP cover the cost of towing?

If the vehicle is unable to proceed under its own power or if operating the vehicle may result in further damage (i.e. warning lights, oil or temperature lights are activated) please have your vehicle towed to an Infiniti dealer.

All IPP plans includes Premium Roadside Assistance, all you have to do is call the Infiniti IPP Premium Roadside Assistance toll free number (1-800-363-4520) and an authorized service facility will be dispatched to tow your vehicle free of charge even if the cause of breakdown is due to a failure of a non-covered component.

What if my vehicle breaks down while I’m traveling in the U.S.. Will my IPP plan cover this?

Your IPP extended service agreement is valid in Canada and the Continental United States.

You may have to pay for those repairs while in the Continental U.S.. If this occurs, IPP will reimburse you for the covered repair expenses upon submission of the original invoice.

Do I have to pay a deductible for a covered component repair?

All IPP plans have $0 deductible.

Is there anything I must do to keep the Infiniti Protection Plus Plan in effect?

You must properly operate, care for and maintain your vehicle as prescribed in the Owner’s Manual supplied by Infiniti with each new vehicle.

Can I cancel my Infiniti Protection Plus Plan (IPP)?

Yes, within 30 days of purchase you may opt to cancel the IPP agreement for a full refund of the actual purchase price less a $25.00 administration fee, where permitted by applicable law.
After 30 days, the IPP agreement may be cancelled only if:

The vehicle was written off,
The vehicle was repossessed
If you and the vehicle relocate outside Canada.
A pro-rated refund (less $25.00 administration fee) may be issued provided that no benefits have been claimed.


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