Matchless Materials

A Body Of Art Crafted Expressly For You

A luxurious interior awaits you inside every Q60 model. Choose between available trims made from Black Carbon Fiber or Silver Optic Fiber. Lean back into semi-aniline leather sport seats as you press down on the accelerator. Designed to bolster the human form, they maximize comfort while enhancing the cockpit's sleek, sporty look.

2019 INFINITI Q60 interior BUILD YOURS

Unique Stitching

Tailored And Accented

Craftsmanship is obvious in the laser-cut holes, which permit tighter stitching and more dynamic free-flowing shapes.

2019 INFINITI Q60 interior stitching details

Sport Seat Design

Exquisite Comfort

Crafted to blend comfort with science, the Q60's driver seat performs on a higher design level. Feel the sport-inspired difference. Deep bolsters and an integrated headrest hold you securely in place. Zero-gravity research led to a form-cushioning seat design that helps reduce fatigue on long drives.

2019 INFINITI Q60 sport seats

Bose® Performance Series Audio

Sonic Perfection

Enjoy premium audio on every ride. The 13 speaker, Bose® Performance Series Audio System with Advanced Staging Technology lets you feel every note. The genuine metal and aluminum speaker grilles offer a touch of style and craftsmanship to the interior while visually differentiating the upgraded audio system. Experience true concert-like sound through speakers that create a wider soundstage. [*]

2019 INFINITI Q60 Bose performance audio BUILD YOURS

Steering Wheel

Natural Grip

Your hands move in unique ways and a steering wheel should reflect that. This one does. Sport-inspired thumb grips and available paddle shifters are just the right shape for performance driving.

2019 INFINITI Q60 leather wrapped steering wheel

US model shown

Fine Vision Electroluminescent Gauges

Visual Reward

With Fine Vision electroluminescent gauges, see how quickly the needle moves under any lighting condition. The contrast delivers information clearly, helping to improve visibility at a glance.

2019 INFINITI Q60 fine vision gauges BUILD YOURS

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