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The All-New QX50

Your Drive. Empowered.

The QX50 was created with one thing in mind: you. Every inch, every feature and every innovation was designed to enhance and fulfill your potential. Experience the World’s First VC-Turbo engine. Take command of the road with advanced ProPILOT Assist technology. [*] With its driver-focused design, you are the centre of QX50’s universe.

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VC-Turbo Engine

Imagine having next-level performance and eco-friendly efficiency on demand. QX50’s groundbreaking new Variable Compression Turbo (VC-Turbo) engine brings that vision into reality, as the World’s First production-ready variable compression ratio engine.

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Infiniti QX50 engine, variable turbo engine, revolutionary turbo engine design.

Refined Performance

The historic compromise between power and efficiency ends with the QX50’s VC-Turbo engine. It seamlessly shifts to suit your drive, giving you more power when you need it, and burning less fuel when you don’t.

Exclusive Innovation

Representing over 20 years of research and innovation, INFINITI’s new VC-Turbo is set to be one of the most advanced and responsive engines ever created.

Revolutionary Design

The 2.0-litre VC-Turbo responds to all driving conditions, physically transforming for any compression ratio. Get high performance at 8:1 and high efficiency at 14:1. Experience a thrilling 268 horsepower, and reach up to 7.8 L / 100 km on the highway with the segment’s best fuel economy.


Compression Ratio for More Power


Compression Ratio for More Efficiency


“An engine that churns enough ponies to run with some larger V6 engines, while generating fuel economy on par with some hybrids.”

– Bryan Logan, Business Insider


At Your Command

The future isn’t driverless. It’s choosing when to drive. The QX50 puts the power in your hands with INFINITI ProPILOT Assist [*], a suite of driving innovations designed to complement your natural abilities. With advanced safety features like Steer Assist, Intelligent Cruise Control [*] and Distance Control Assist [*], you will travel with total confidence, exerting less at every turn.

Steer Assist

Activate ProPILOT Assist at the press of a button and gain more control with Steer Assist. Monitoring the lane markings, this hands-on steering system helps you stay between the lines, even on curved roads. Perfect for long drives.

Intelligent Cruise Control

Set your pace for highway drives. Intelligent Cruise Control [*] maintains your desired distance from the vehicle ahead. When traffic slows, the system decelerates your QX50, resuming your pre-set speed when the way is clear.

Distance Control Assist

Keep a safe following distance in stop-and-go city traffic. Distance Control Assist [*] lets you know when you are getting too close to the car ahead, automatically applying the brakes to help you maintain your space.

“QX50 pioneers the first production application of an “if only” engine technology that has tantalized engine designers for decades…”

– Jeremy Sinek, The Globe and Mail

INFINITI Driver Assist Technologies

Safety & Control

The QX50 comes equipped with more powerful innovations that enhance your control. With INFINITI Driver Assist Technologies, you have a full suite of advanced driving aids at your command.

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Infiniti Pro Pilot Assist, Parking Control and Reverse Cameras.

The Head-Up Display projects key details on your QX50’s lower windshield. See speed, turn-by-turn navigation and warnings closer to your field of view.

Forward Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection alerts you to hazards up ahead. The system can even bring your QX50 to a complete stop, helping you avoid front-end collisions. [*]

Lane Departure Warning and Prevention alerts you when you start to drift, automatically guiding you back to the centre of your lane if you continue to cross over the markings. [*]

Infiniti QX50 2019 Exterior side profile shot

Powerful Elegance

Outer Strength

Muscular lines flow with profiled surfaces to form a body that is as strong as it is stylish. The QX50’s wider stance and cabin-forward silhouette exude a sense of purpose, adding strengthened visual character to its bold exterior profile.

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“On a scale of freshness, the QX50 gets as close to 10 as anything ever does in this era of global architectures and common componentry.”

– Jeremy Sinek, The Globe and Mail

2019 Infiniti LED Headlight QX50.

Illuminated Design

Functional yet refined, the QX50’s signature LED headlights cast a piercing gaze through all conditions, day or night.

Infiniti QX50 Exterior Grey hero shot

Expansive Style

As part of the All-New QX50, INFINITI engineers moved the entire cabin forward, creating an extended body-length character line for a longer visual signature.

2019 Infiniti QX50 Front Hood and Grill

Clamshell Hood

Bold. Muscular. Functional. The QX50’s stunning clamshell hood creates a larger interior cabin. Its long lines sweep into the imposing double-arch grille, enclosing the power within.

Driver Centric, Passenger Minded

The Journey Within

Elegant surfaces and a driver-focused design come together to form the well-appointed QX50 interior. Featuring a generous selection of carefully balanced materials, the QX50 cabin creates an exceptionally calming environment for every drive.

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“Behind the strong outward visage sits a cabin that’s first-class all the way — real suede inserts, wood accents and buttery leather wrapping just about everything.”

– Graeme Fletcher, Driving

Infiniti QX50 2019 Interior Details and Front Seats

Tailored Finish

The human touch is alive in every aspect of QX50’s tasteful cabin design, from its open-pore wood accents to the tailored leather stitching.

Infiniti QX50 Interior Rear Hatch and Storage Space.

Functional Comfort

QX50 offers an impressive 1,842 L of cargo space, enough for a weekend getaway for the whole family. Combined with its motion activated lift gate, QX50 lets you load and unload with ease. [*]

2019 Infiniti QX50 Interior Details and Shift knob

Comfortable Control

Pairing an artfully asymmetric cabin layout with exceptional attention to detail, the QX50 is perfectly crafted for years of comfortable driving.

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