Qs Inspiration Concept

The Sports Sedan. Electrified.

We’re not just designing electric vehicles. We’re changing them. By rethinking what makes a car, a car – we’re putting the driving experience at the centre of everything we do.

“The age of electrification presents us with an opportunity to renew our credentials as an innovative challenger brand.”

Mike Colleran, Global Division Vice President, Marketing & Sales Operations, INFINITI


Reshaped for Electrification

Drawing from traditional Japanese design and a modern influence, we reimagined what the sports sedan could look like in the electrified era. Inspired by origami and the Japanese spatial concept of ‘Ma’, the Qs Inspiration’s muscular surfaces are punctuated by clean lines. These innovative shapes and details are a glimpse into the future form of the INFINITI lineup.

Side View of the INFINITI QS Inspiration in a Silver Coloured Exterior
INFINITI QS Inspiration Grille

The Face of Performance

With no need to cool an engine, the Qs Inspiration hints at its sporty character by maintaining the outline of the grille.

INFINITI QS Inspiration Rear Profile

Enabled by Electrification

Without the weight of a combustion engine, the Qs Inspiration has a low centre of gravity, giving it a sporty advantage on the road.


A Welcoming Cabin

The flexible form of the Qs Inspiration invites you into a spacious, lounge-like interior. We merged Japanese hospitality and design techniques, with modern architecture and innovative technologies to create the ultimate relaxed atmosphere.

INFINITI QS Inspirations Spacious and Lounge-like Interior

A Wave of Senses

Finished in carbon fibre, the dashboard illuminates the cabin, while you drive. Watch the light transition from a vermillion red (shu) symbolizing performance, to a soft turquoise (ama-yo) during autonomy, for a relaxing sensory experience.

INFINITI QS Inspirations Beige Luxurious Seats

Handcrafted Comfort

Like a carefully folded kimono, overlapping panels of white leather on individual seats make the most of the generous space.

INFINITI QS Inspirations Louvered Roof

Space and Light

Timber louvers above cast beautiful moving shadows throughout the interior, creating pleasant diffused lighting for everyone inside.

The Inspiration behind the Inspiration

Electrified powertrains have given us the design and engineering freedom to create something truly engaging to drive.

“Electrification represents a revolution for INFINITI, not just in the way our cars are powered, but in the way they are designed.”

Alfonso Albaisa, Senior Vice President for Global Design, INFINITI

A Journey in Electrification

In the coming years, the entire INFINITI lineup will become electrified. Each concept vehicle we build helps shape our vision of the future.

Front view of a Silver INFINITI QX Inspiration

QX Inspiration

The dawn of INFINITI’s electrified future.

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Front view of a Silver INFINITI Prototype 10

Prototype 10

The spirit of a speedster with the power of electrification.

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A Red INFINITI Q50 on the Road
2019 Q50

An Icon on the Road

While you can’t get behind the wheel of the Qs Inspiration Concept, the 2019 Q50 is on the road now. Tap into relentless power with an available twin-turbo V6 and up to 400 horsepower. See why this sports sedan is ahead of the curve.

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