2018 Q50

Performance & Power

The Q50 makes the thrill of high performance part of every drive. Unleash up to 400 horsepower, then harness the momentum with advanced handling technologies that heighten your control. With the new Q50, you’ll be more than ready to take on the road.


2018 INFINITI Q50 Twin-Turbo Engine

Power To Match Your Drive

Bring out your powerful side. The Q50 lets you choose from four exhilarating engines, including two twin-turbo V6s, a next-generation Hybrid V6, and our pulse-raising I4 Turbo. Each performs with a precise balance of speed and efficiency, allowing you to tailor your drive. The rush is yours to experience.

Choose From Four Advanced Engines


One of the Year’s 10 Best Engines

The Q50’s available 3.0L twin-turbo V6 has been listed among Wards 10 Best Engines of 2018.


2018 INFINITI Q50 Intelligent AWD

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

Intuitive Traction

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive lets you move without interruption. When driving conditions are good, it sends power to your rear wheels for a quick, sporty response. When roads are slippery, it redirects up to 50 percent of the power to your front wheels, increasing traction and control.

2018 INFINITI Q50 Dynamic Digital Suspension

Dynamic Digital Suspension

Stability & Control

Feel inspired to take the scenic route. Dynamic Digital Suspension adds a new level of comfort to every journey. As road conditions change, it automatically adjusts your Q50’s body roll, pitch and bounce rate to maintain a stable, controlled ride.

2018 INFINITI Q50 suspension
Commanding Response

Dynamic Digital Suspension lets you hone your Q50’s response with two distinct settings. Choose Standard Mode for smooth handling and maximum comfort. Engage Sport Mode for firm suspension and greater agility.

2018 INFINITI Q50 drive modes
Enhancing the Drive

Set your preference for a soft or firm ride with the Drive Mode Selector. Electronically adjusted shock absorbers do the rest, filtering unwanted road vibrations, so you can focus on the journey instead of the conditions.


2018 INFINITI Q50 Direct Adaptive Steering

Direct Adaptive Steering

Precision Is Everything

Take command of every corner with the world’s first digital steering system. Direct Adaptive Steering monitors the road ahead, making up to a thousand steering adjustments per second to sharpen your precision at the wheel.

2018 INFINITI Q50 Direct Adaptive Steering

Customize Your Drive

Fine-tune your Q50’s performance with the Drive Mode Selector. Choose from four distinct modes, Standard, Snow, Eco and Sport, or customize your own. The Q50’s engine, transmission, suspension and steering settings will adjust automatically. Tailoring your drive at the flip of a switch.

Performance & Power Comparison

Performance & Power Comparison
Feature 2.0t Luxe 3.0t Luxe 3.0t Signature Edition 3.0t Sport Red Sport 400 Hybrid
208-hp 2.0L Turbocharged I4 Standard          
300-hp 3.0L Twin-Turbo V6   Standard Standard Standard    
400-hp 3.0L Twin-Turbo V6         Standard  
360-hp 3.5L Hybrid V6           Standard
Intelligent All-Wheel Drive Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Electronic Power Steering   Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
Direct Adaptive Steering       Optional Optional Standard
Dynamic Digital Suspension       Standard Standard  
Drive Mode Selector Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard