What Happens Next?

With your lease coming to an end, there are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for what’s next. INFINITI Financial Services (IFS) has made embarking on a new lease or purchasing an INFINITI (your current vehicle or a new one), easier than ever.

When do I have to return my vehicle?

When will I receive my security deposit refund?

How can I access my condition report once I have received my liability statement?

If I decide to buy my existing leased vehicle, how can I get it registered in my name?

Can someone else purchase my lease vehicle?

What does it mean to “ground” a vehicle?

I have received a lease-end liability statement. How do I go about paying it?

Can I purchase/return my vehicle prior to the end of my lease?

When do I have to make arrangements with my Dealership to return/purchase the vehicle?

Is it possible to extend my lease at the end of the term?

Is the residual value negotiable?

When is my last payment due?

Can I return my leased vehicle to any INFINITI/NISSAN Dealership?

What are the charges for exceeding my kilometer allowance?

Can I purchase extra kilometers during the course of my lease?