Leasing Questions? Ask Us

Here are some leasing questions that we frequently get asked at INFINITI Financial Services (IFS). Even if you don't have a specific question, we still recommend you read these over so you can take your mind off leasing and focus on the good stuff, like driving your INFINITI. If you can't find your question here, or if you need additional details, please contact your local INFINIT dealer or contact IFS at 1-800-565-2445 (Eastern Canada) or 1-800-268-0746 (Western Canada), Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.

General Questions

Credit Questions

Managing Your IFS Lease Account

Making Payments

Can I lease a pre-owned vehicle?

How can I contact IFS by mail?

How can I contact IFS by phone?

Do I have to notify IFS if my lease vehicle was involved in an accident and sustained damage?

How much can I get for my trade-in?

There is an entry on my credit report from IFS, Who do I contact?

Can I change the due date on my account?

Can I change the account for my pre-authorized payment?

Can I skip or defer the payment on my account?

What if I can no longer afford the payments on my lease account?

Will IFS allow another party to take over the payments on my account?

What happens to my lease if I move?

My name recently changed (marriage, divorce, etc). How do I update the name on my lease?

How is my payment amount determined?

Will my late payment be reported to the credit bureaus?

Why is the payment due this month different from my regular payment amount?

If paying by check, where should I mail my payment?