Drive Zone Alert

The Drive Zone Alert helps you keep track of your Infiniti, even after you’ve handed the keys over. Set “stay within” or “keep out of” drive zones on the Infiniti Connection™/InTouch Services Web Portal and you’ll receive a notification if your vehicle is driven outside those boundaries.

Drive Zone Alert is a feature of Infiniti Connection™/InTouch Services Plus and includes a 12 month trial.

Set Up Notification Preferences
Set up a notification preference on the Infiniti Connection™/InTouch Services App or Web Portal and you’ll get a confirmation email, text, or automated phone call if drive zone boundaries are crossed. [*]

In Vehicle Reminder
Set your preferences to display a notification pop-up in the vehicle itself to remind your secondary driver when the vehicle is outside an authorized drive zone, or inside a prohibited one.

Multiple Drive Zones
Up to 14 Drive Zone Alerts can be active during the same period.