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Infiniti InTouch™

Expand Your Horizons

Infiniti InTouch™ gives you outstanding capabilities to connect your vehicle with the world. Stay up to speed, on your schedule and on your terms.

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Make The Road Yours

Built-in Maps

If your vehicle is equipped with navigation, you can stay focused on the road ahead and let your Infiniti InTouch™ system guide you to your destination with visual maps and voice commands. You can also use the in-vehicle Compass App to find your exact GPS location, including latitude and longitude coordinates. [*]

Destination Search

Find Points Of Interest (POI) before getting into your Infiniti and send the locations directly to your vehicle using Destination Send-to-Vehicle. You can also find POIs by simply touching the corresponding icon on your Infiniti InTouch™ screen. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, use the Infiniti Connection™/InTouch Services Destination Assistance. A live agent will help you find the location you need and send it directly into the vehicle.

Enhanced Traffic Information

SiriusXM® Traffic and NavTraffic services provide details like traffic speed, road closures due to accidents, and construction on your route, all enhancing your journey by helping you get to your destination faster and more easily.[*]

Experience Infiniti InTouch hands-free entertianment and communications | Infiniti Canada

Entertainment & Communications

Your Link To The World

Hands-free Communication

Through Infiniti’s voice recognition technology, Bluetooth® can help keep you in touch while you stay focused on the road. The system accesses your cell phone contacts and lets you make and answer calls, or send text messages—hands-free—through the audio system. [*]

Multiple Music Options

Infiniti InTouch™ offers music to suit every mood. Stream audio wirelessly with any Bluetooth®-compatible device, listen to your radio or get over 120 channels of commercial-free music—in every genre imaginable—with the SiriusXM Satellite Radio.[*]

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Convenience & Concierge

VIP Treatment, 24/7

My Schedule—featuring Google Calendar™

Sync your Google Calendar on the Infiniti Connection™/InTouch Services website, and you’ll be able to see your schedule on your InTouch™ screen, or have your vehicle read your appointments out loud. Include an address in the calendar, and you can set it as a destination in navigation-equipped Infinitis.[*]

Destination Assistance

At the push of a button, the Infiniti Connection™/InTouch Services Destination Assistance can provide you with live, 24-hour access to an entire team of professionally trained agents on hand to help you find the destination you need, and send it to your vehicle.[*]

Remote Door Lock/Unlock

If you forget to lock your vehicle, or need to access it when you don’t have your keys handy, simply log in to the Infiniti Connection™/InTouch Services app or website, or call an Infiniti Connection™/InTouch Services agent for quick and easy access to your vehicle.[*]

Experience Infiniti InTouch safety and security features | Infiniti Canada

Safety & Security

Peace Of Mind When You Need It Most

Emergency Services

If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, press the SOS button to speak with a live Response Specialist. In case of an accident where air bags deploy, the Infiniti Connection™/InTouch Services Automatic Collision Notification will connect you to an agent who can dispatch response services, if needed. The Infiniti Connection™/InTouch Services agents can also provide roadside assistance, should you require towing or other help.[*]

Vehicle Monitoring

Keep track of your Infiniti, even after you’ve handed the keys over. Set the Max Speed and Valet Alerts, and receive notifications if the speed and boundary thresholds you’ve established are exceeded. Activate the Maintenance Alert, and you’ll be informed if a malfunction indicator is triggered in your vehicle. Set a ‘Drive Zone’ to be notified when your vehicle leaves or enters a specific region, and you’ll always know when your loved ones arrive at their destination.[*]

Report Stolen Vehicle

This Infiniti Connection™/InTouch Services feature can help you get your vehicle back in the unfortunate event that it is ever taken. Using sophisticated tracking technology, Infiniti will work with the authorities to assist them in locating and recovering your vehicle.[*]

Experience Infiniti InTouch Connection to stay connected on the road | Infiniti Canada

Infiniti Connection™/Intouch Services

Included with your first year of ownership, the Infiniti Connection™ Plus/InTouch Services Premier open up a new dimension of connectivity between you, your vehicle, and your world. The suite of digital alerts and remote services are your direct link to personal security, convenience and confidence.[*]

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