SiriusXM® Traffic

Don't drive through traffic, drive around it. Avoid congestion before you reach it by enhancing your Infiniti’s navigation system with detailed traffic information.[*]

Customers who buy or lease a new Infiniti will receive a 3- month trial subscription to SiriusXM Traffic (equipped vehicles).[*]

SiriusXM Traffic offers coverage of over 10,000km of roadways, nationwide.

Traffic Information
Coast-to-coast traffic alerts are delivered by satellite, 24/7. Learn about lane closures, broken-down vehicles, and other traffic troubles along your route, or beyond.

Traffic Flow
Traffic flow information is displayed as colour-coded roads on your Infiniti InTouch™ screen, for at-a-glance awareness. Green means free-flowing, yellow is for moderate traffic, and red means stop-and-go conditions.

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