Which functions are limited when driving?

Driver distraction regulations may cause certain functions to be unavailable while driving. For example, keyboard entry is only available when the vehicle is stationary.

Can I type while driving?

No, the keyboard is locked out while driving for safety. However, you can use voice response and customizable preset responses.

Can I use INFINITI InTouch™ Apps while driving?

Yes, all INFINITI InTouch™ Apps are available while the vehicle is in motion, but may be modified in terms of presentation and feature availability to avoid driver distraction.

Enrollment & Account Settings

What information do I need to enroll in INFINITI InTouch™ Apps?

To enroll in INFINITI InTouch™ Apps, you will need a corresponding INFINITI Owner Portal account. Your Username and Password will be used to log into the app. To complete Owner Portal registration, you will need your VIN available.

How long does it take to enroll in INFINITI InTouch™ Apps?

Creating your INFINITI InTouch account is quick and easy. Just install the smartphone app, create your account and either pair your Android® smartphone to the vehicle or plug in your iPhone® using the USB cable. You can then customize apps and services to your liking.

I already have an INFINITI Owner Portal account. What do I need to do to add my vehicle in my garage?

To add your INFINITI vehicle to an existing Owner Portal account via 'My Garage,' you will need to have your VIN available. You can also add a vehicle to 'My Garage' by logging in to the INFINITI InTouch™ App using your existing account credentials and pairing your smartphone to the vehicle.

Phone Pairing & Compatibility

Do INFINITI InTouch™ Apps support multiple phones and drivers?

Yes, you can have different mobile devices paired via Bluetooth®, however, only one device can be connected to the vehicle at a time. Connections will be prioritized by the order in which the phones were paired to the vehicle, with the phone most recently paired receiving priority. Please see Owner's Manual for how to switch between paired phones.

Why does my iPhone® need to be connected via USB to my vehicle in order to use INFINITI InTouch™ Apps?

Apple's operating system doesn't support the full range of Bluetooth® connectivity. This is not unique to INFINITI.

I can't connect via Bluetooth® after following instructions. What can I do?

Some Bluetooth® enabled phones may have compatibility differences. Please visit to view your device setup guide. For further questions, feel free to call INFINITI Consumer Affairs at 1-800-662-6200, option 7. Agents are available Monday - Saturday, 8am to 8pm (EST).

Infiniti Connection

AT&T has announced plans to discontinue its 2G cellular network coverage on December 31, 2016. How does this affect my access to INFINITI Connection™?

Like all cellular-equipped devices designed to connect to a cellular network on the 2G access band, INFINITI models with a 2G-compatible telematics control unit (TCU) will be unable to use or receive services from that device after 12/31/16. Without an upgrade to the TCU, INFINITI Connection features will not be available after that time and may be impacted prior to that date depending upon AT&T’s proprietary decisions regarding shutting down their 2G network coverage. Also, AT&T will not accept new enrollments on the 2G network after June 30, 2016 (see below "Why must I enroll in the INFINITI Connection trial before June 30, 2016?").

What is 2G cellular network access?

2G means “Second Generation” and refers to digital cellular telephone technology; it is the name of a specific network that mobile telephone equipment uses to provide connectivity.

Which vehicles are impacted by this issue? How do I know if this issue affects me?

a. INFINITI will contact affected clients directly; clients may contact INFINITI Owner Services at 855-444-7244 to verify if their vehicle is impacted. If you have a vehicle that has navigation and is one of the models listedbelow, your vehicle has a 2G-compatible TCU.


b. The following models are equipped with 2G-compatible TCUs:

i. INFINITI Q50: Model year 2014-2015 vehicles

ii. INFINITI Q70, QX60 and QX80: Model years 2014-2015, as well as some model 2016 vehicles

iii. INFINITI M37/M56, JX35 and QX56: Model year 2013 vehicles

Infiniti InTouch Services

What is INFINITI InTouch Services?

INFINITI InTouch Services is an innovative connected car solution that combines safety, service, and infotainment into a complete package.

Is there an INFINITI InTouch Services app?

Yes. Search "INFINITI InTouch Services" on your devices app store to get the app, or to ensure that you have the latest version available.

Do I need my cell phone to be able to use INFINITI InTouch Services?

You will be able to use INFINITI InTouch Services without the need to have your cell phone in the car. However, the INFINITI InTouch Services app on your smartphone allows you to access convenient remote services from outside your vehicle. Your INFINITI must be within range of a compatible cellular network in order to receive services.

Infiniti InTouch Apps

Do I need to be connected to the INFINITI InTouch™ Apps companion app to use the system?

Yes, you must be connected to the companion app. Download it from your device’s app store. You’ll be able to enroll in the program directly from the app. To set up your Email and Calendar accounts, you must not only be connected to the companion app, but also set up your login credentials through the INFINITI InTouch display unit. We recommend PIN protecting your Email and Calendar apps for added security.

Can I use the Email app to check email from an address other than the one I use to log into INFINITI InTouch™ Apps?

You can use any email address from a supported provider, regardless of the email you use to login to your InTouch Apps Account.

Does the Calendar app provide an alert prior to a scheduled event?

If you have enabled pop-up reminders, a reminder will appear on the screen 10 minutes prior to the event.


Does my navigation system update automatically?

A map update is not automatic. However, it is easy to purchase the latest update. You can order your map update online at the INFINITI Navigation Store, or by calling 1-888-362-8837 Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm (EST), and Saturday 10am - 6pm (EST).

How often should I update my map?

To keep your navigation system performing at its best, it is important to update your map every time a new map is released. That’s because up to 15% of roads and points of interest change between each map update release.

Why is a map update important?

A map update helps your navigation system keep up with a changing world. Each year, thousands of new miles of highway are added across the U.S. At the same time, roads change, there are new addresses and subdivisions, and businesses and stores open and close. That makes a map update essential for traveling with confidence.

Navigation Software Updates

My apps are taking a while to download to the vehicle. Is this normal?

It is normal for the INFINITI InTouch™ Apps companion app to take several minutes to download apps to your vehicle. If downloading is taking longer, check to ensure that the phone is properly paired to the vehicle.

If the system is running or responding slowly or freezing, what can I do?

INFINITI InTouch™ uses an operating system like those found on many computers, tablets and cell phones. Like these devices, sometimes programs do not respond immediately and this may temporarily delay system use. In most situations, simply waiting a few moments longer should be sufficient for the pending operations to complete. The system can be easily reset if it temporarily does not respond to commands or freezes. Simply push down the Audio Power knob for at least 5 seconds. The system will turn off and restart. If you have a MY14 Q50, please contact your local authorized INFINITI retailer to confirm that your vehicle has the September 2014 software update installed.

It takes a while for the system to start-up before I can use audio, phone, navigation, app features, etc. Is this normal?

Due to the large number of features and capabilities that the INFINITI InTouch™ system needs to load on start-up, it may take up to a minute for all functions (such as Apps) to be available. The system will display “Now Loading All Apps…” during this time. During the start-up period, hard button controls for audio and climate will become available before startup is complete.


Is SiriusXM® All Access available on all vehicles equipped with satellite radio?

Yes, SiriusXM® All Access is available on all vehicles equipped with SiriusXM® satellite radio. The 90-day complimentary trial includes access to Basic Radio, Premier Radio Content, Web Listening, App/Mobile Listening and My SiriusXM (App/Web feature).

What vehicles come equipped with SiriusXM® Travel Link and what options are required for this feature?

Please refer to for the latest listing of vehicles.


If two owners are in the vehicle, whose phone will connect to the vehicle?

The smartphone which was most recently connected to the vehicle will have priority when two Bluetooth® enabled smartphones are detected. For information regarding how to change the connected Bluetooth® phone, please refer to your vehicle's owner's manual.

Is my billing information retained by INFINITI InTouch™ Apps?

No personal billing information is stored by the INFINITI InTouch™ Apps companion app.

Does INFINITI InTouch™ Apps store any personal information in the car?

INFINITI InTouch™ Apps stores session information during each active session, and most of this information is removed at the start of the next INFINITI InTouch™ Apps session. In the case of Email and Calendar apps, information is cached in the system, and can be PIN protected so that others cannot view your emails or calendar appointments.

Connecting Your Phone

Can I use Text Messaging Assistant with any Smartphone?

Text Messaging Assistant and Bluetooth® text-to-voice technology requires a compatible smartphone. Please see to see if yours is compatible.

I'm having trouble using my iPhone® to listen to incoming text messages.

After the initial connection of the iPhone®, find your vehicle’s Bluetooth® name (e.g. My Q50) under the Bluetooth® option in the Settings menu on your iPhone®. Selecting the (i) icon will display an option for "Show Notifications". Turn this ON. Disconnect and reconnect the iPhone® with the vehicle by either turning Bluetooth® off and on again on your phone or turning the power off and on again on your phone. Incoming text messages should now be received by the vehicle.

I'm having trouble sending and receiving text messages through my Infiniti InTouch™ system. What should I do?

Please visit to determine if your smartphone is compatible with this service. If it is, we recommend the following: after pairing your compatible device, a pop up message for "MAP request" may display. Check the "Don’t ask again" box and press "OK". You may also see a "Contacts request" pop up message for phonebook access. Allow access to enable the Text Messaging Assistant.


If you have additional questions regarding any of the INFINITI InTouch™ product suites, we can help. 


Call our INFINITI InTouch™ customer support agents toll-free, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern Time.