Jaw-dropping performance

Turbo Engines

Through innovation, we created our lightest and most powerful engine yet.

Our 3.0-litre Twin Turbo V6 comes in 300 and 400 horsepower paired with advanced turbo technologies to delivers unparalleled power, torque and fuel economy. Take your pick and experience the thrill of the Q60. 

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It’s Not Just a Car, It’s an Experience

Cutting-Edge Engines

Feel the rush of an available twin-turbo V6 capable of generating up to 300 horsepower. Or take your drive to the next level with Q60’s available 400-horsepower twin-turbo V6. Each is designed for immediate power delivery, and INFINITI has developed cutting-edge technologies that let you harness it all. [[143]]

A silver Infiniti Q60 driving down a city street
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The engine cover of the 3.0L twin turbo V6 in the Infiniti Q60


Unleash up to 400 horsepower with INFINITI's most powerful V6 to date. Designed for instant acceleration, this award-winning engine puts up to 350 lb-ft of torque at your command. With gasoline direct injection, water-cooled air charging, an optical turbine speed sensor, and advanced turbine blade design, it provides a quicker response and a higher peak.

A full view of the twin turbo V6 in the Infiniti Q60


Tap into 300 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, faster than you ever imagined. A variant of the new V6 twin-turbo, it propels you beyond measure, courtesy of a lightweight aluminum engine, friction-reducing technologies, plus new cooling and valve timing systems.

Adapt Instantly

Dynamic Digital Suspension

Take on any road with high-performance handling. Dynamic Digital Suspension lets you hone your Q60’s response at the flip of a switch. Choose between two distinct modes to enjoy maximum comfort or firm, sporty suspension. As road conditions change, the system automatically adjusts your Q60’s body roll, pitch and bounce rate for a stable, controlled ride. [[143]]

A silver Infiniti Q60 parked in front of a restaurant with a patio
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It Puts the Future of Driving in Your Hands

Direct Adaptive Steering®

After many years of research and development, Q60’s optional second-generation Direct Adaptive Steering® is here to revolutionize how we drive. This system digitally and instantaneously transmits your steering input directly to the wheels, without a mechanical connection. Its digital processing power lets you steer more quickly and smoothly than you ever imagined. When you are driving on rough or uneven roads, the system is constantly and automatically making subtle adjustments to give you an increased feeling of stability while decreasing feedback and vibration through the steering wheel.

A front view of an Infiniti Q60 driving on a city street with the right turn signal flashing
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Choose Your Drive

Drive Mode Selector

With up to 336 customizable driver settings, the INFINITI Drive Mode Selector takes your Q60 to the next level. This feature is available on all models, allowing you to select between Standard, Snow, ECO, Sport, Sport+ and Personal modes. Then further tailor your drive by tuning steering, engine and suspension inputs. The result is one that suits the moment and more importantly, can be personalized exactly to your liking. Expand your experience beyond road conditions and preset factory settings.

The drive mode selector with carbon fibre trim in the 2020 Infiniti Q60

Made to Excel

Performance Exhaust

Whether you’re heading to the city or the supermarket, every drive is exhilarating with Q60's sports exhaust system. Tuned for high performance, it expels exhaust efficiently while maximizing your car's sound. Find it as standard on the Q60 I-LINE Red Sport.

A close up of the exhaust on a red 2020 Infiniti Q60
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