Front profile of a silver INFINITI G35 driving fast on the road.


Our first sport coupe turned heads out of the gate and became atrue performance icon. Its legacy lives on in the Q50 sedan and Q60 coupe.



After the celebrated G35, there was the G37. It introduced more power and all-wheel drive – another step toward the contemporary Q60.

A side view of the INFINITI QX30 driving on a mountain highway


The QX30 crossover was at home on urban and rustic roads alike. Now, its elegant approach to sporty, functional design pervades other models like the QX50.

A luxurious blue 2019 Q70 sedan driving fast on the road


INFINITI luxury reached new heights in the Q70 sedan. That same level of refinement now lies at the heart of models like the Q50 sedan and QX50 crossover.

A side view of a gray INFINITI QX70 driving on a desert highway


Driver-centric design and innovation made the QX70 an image of versatility. With it, we paved the way for the QX50, our most advanced crossover yet.

Front profile of a black INFINITI FX35 driving at night


An icon in the INFINITI archive, the FX35 brought the crossover coupe segment to the world. Discover how the legendary FX series shaped the all-new QX55.