Rear end of INFINITI QX60 covered in snow


Considering a Road Trip This Winter?

What Cars Do Best in the Cold?

If you’re spending time in Ontario this winter, you might be thinking about what to see and do apart from the obvious cities and landmarks. Fortunately, Canada’s second largest province is full of picturesque settings that couldn’t be more charming beneath a blanket of fresh powder. Maybe that’s why so many Ontarians are opting to spend their winter breaks road tripping across the province – rather than simply hibernating.

After all, Ontario is a big place, and there are plenty of settings for an idyllic winter escape. Sure, there can be some unpredictable weather, but this time of year offers many special experiences we would simply miss out on by avoiding the cold altogether. Besides, if you have a luxury vehicle like the INFINITI QX60, you can practically hibernate between destinations.

Family packing for winter road trip in INFINITI QX60

Start With a Good Checklist

Winter Road Trip Essentials

If you’re looking to take advantage of the winter wonderland that is Ontario, you’ll want to create a good packing checklist before you hit the road. Here’s a look at some essentials.

1. Water: Pack a couple insulated containers of ice water, or a few bottles for the road. Consider a thermos of tea or coffee.


2. First Aid Kit: Be ready for the unpredictable with safety supplies you can easily access.


3. Tissues: It’s always good to have some on hand, especially if you’ve got a full house.  

4. Hand Sanitizer: You won’t always have access to soap and water. Keep a bottle in the glove box or centre console.


5. Snacks: Dried fruit, nuts and other high-protein snack foods can keep you going between stops.


6. Disposable Bags: When travelling with a full crew, it’s especially important to have one or two bags to collect things like empty wrappers.

7. Charging/USB Cables: Your device is a lifeline when navigating Ontario and keeping the crew happy. Don’t leave home without your cables.


8. Emergency Roadside Kit: If you run into nasty weather, flashlights, flares, blankets and more are important to have on hand.


9. Entertainment: Last but certainly not least, bring a solid lineup of playlists, audio books and podcasts. For more on road trip essentials, check out our other article, “How to Pack Your Car for a Road Trip.”

Take on Winter in Style

Winter Road Trip Features

Before you set out on your journey, it's good to consider whether your car has some key winter-ready features. If you’re looking to take a luxury vehicle out on your winter road trip, we've put together a list of specs that are sure to make Ontario's scenic highways and backroads that much more rewarding.

INFINITI QX60 interior view of seats


A luxury crossover or SUV with flexible seating is ideal for three people or more. When it comes to the INFINITI lineup, the QX60 seats up to seven in three premium rows, with standard Tri-Zone Climate Control to keep everyone nice and cozy.

INFINITI QX60 touchscreen displaying navigation system


Make sure your road-trip-ready ride has reliable navigation. INFINITI’s system offers turn-by-turn directions and real-time traffic information. [[160]]

INFINITI QX60 driving through snow


Features like Blind Spot Warning, Forward Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, and Vehicle Dynamic Control help you detect hazards and prevent swerving. QX60 offers a suite of advanced safety features like these – and more. [[217]][[223]][[290]]

INFINITI QX60 driver adjusting drive mode


Dependable AWD is a must for an Ontario winter road trip. The QX60 offers Intelligent All-Wheel Drive, which sends power to different wheels as needed. It also offers a selectable drive mode for the snow.

INFINITI QX60 cargo space


A luxury crossover or SUV like the QX60 will also offer generous cargo space that expands as you fold down different seats. The more configurations, the better.

Front view of INFINITI QX60 driving through snowstorm

Ride Quality

If you really want to best the elements this winter, you’ll also like having heated outside mirrors, automatic windshield wipers and QX60’s available Adaptive Front Lighting System, which pivots the headlamps in the direction you’re turning. Looking for a deep dive on our top winter car features? Check out our other article, “The Best Luxury Car for Winter.”

You’re Almost Ready to Go

Preparing for the Journey

You know what to pack. You know what kind of features are going to come in handy. Now it’s time to make sure your vehicle is tuned up and ready to go. Here are a few more things we recommend taking care of before you leave for your road trip.

INFINITI QX60 driving on snowy road

How to Beat the Chill

1. Ensure your vehicle has proper winter tires

2. Consider taking your car into be serviced

3. Top up your vehicle’s fluids

4. Check the tire pressure

5. Test your brakes, lights and indicators

Winter at Its Most Wonderful

Our Favourite Ontario Destinations

All packed up and ready to go? Here’s our roundup of inspiring winter destinations to visit on your next Ontario road trip. For the QX60 drivers out there, these rustic settings will be a great excuse to try out some new features – or experience the full capability of your vehicle. We hope you enjoy these picturesque winter locales as much as we do.

Niagara on the lake

Niagara on the Lake

Just a 20 minute ride from Niagara Falls, this quaint Ontario town is the epitome of charm when the snow starts to fall. Enjoy a carriage ride downtown and book a special dinner at one of the many local wineries. If you’re driving a QX60, our intuitive navigation system makes exploring the area a joy.

Algonquin park

Algonquin Park

Cold weather doesn’t necessarily mean camping season is over. Algonquin Park offers a scenic escape, with winter camping sites and plenty of breathtaking hikes. There’s even the option to go dog sledding, if you’re feeling a little extra adventurous. QX60 drivers can really take advantage of their vehicle’s features here. Stargaze through the panoramic moonroof and recharge in the available massaging front seats, with premium entertainment for the crew.

Blue mountain village

Blue Mountain Village

Looking to ski or snowboard without venturing to Québec or the States? Located just 2.5 hours north of Toronto, Blue Mountain Village lets you hit the slopes, and the trails, with plenty of great après-ski options to choose from. If you’re taking a QX60 on your northern road trip, the ample cargo space and configurable seats will really pull their weight when loading up your skis, snowboards and other winter gear.

Prince Edward County

Prince Edward County

Take in some culture and the natural Ontario landscape. Prince Edward County is an inspiring place to stop on a drive from Toronto to Kingston or Montréal. With a thriving scene for art, food and wine – even ice fishing and snowmobiling – you’ll love what this unique microclimate has going on. Plus, the QX60’s selectable Snow Mode was practically built for the County. It makes short work of those heavily powdered roads, while Tri-Zone Climate Control keeps the crew cozy.

The Muskokas

The Muskokas

Cottage country isn’t just an ideal place to hibernate through the Ontario winter, it’s the perfect destination for outdoor adventures. Muskoka offers them in abundance as the lakes  begin to freeze, with plenty of options for snowmobiling, ice fishing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Plus, with so many rustic winding roads, QX60 drivers will be grateful for their Intelligent All-Wheel Drive.