Closeup of zero gravity seats


Space-age sophistication

Zero Gravity seats are the result of a lengthy research and redesign process that went beyond ergonomic car seat design. Instead, it focused on achieving a neutral spinal posture – not unlike the one astronauts experience in the weightlessness of space. Hence the name.

Going into this process, we knew some drivers wanted the most comfortable car seats for long trips. We also knew others were looking for the best car seat position for bad backs. By achieving that neutral posture, we were able to create a seat that satisfied everyone.

How do Zero Gravity Seats work?

To create the most comfortable and supportive seat possible, we partnered with Tokyo's Keio University on a joint study. Working with a team at the university's Yamazaki Laboratory, we compared our seat design to the standards NASA has established for neutral body posture. This helped us to better understand seat design, and fundamentally alter our approach in order to emphasize spinal support and comfort.

Front zero gravity seats with woman sitting in driver's seat

The research helped us discover a natural posture that places minimal stress on bones and joints. After identifying and prioritizing 14 key pressure points in the human body, we used bespoke ergonomic shapes and foam densities to match the true curvature of the spine. From there, we developed a seat back and cushion that provided continuous support – extending from the hips and tailbone, all the way up to the chest and shoulders. When in use, these seat cushions flex at each pressure point. This allows the seat structure's ergonomic design to maximize blood flow in the lower extremities, which in turn reduces muscle loading in the legs and lower back. The result? A car seat that noticeably reduces stress and keeps the driver's energy level up, allowing for a more refreshed feeling at the end of a long drive.

Front zero gravity seats in red

What do Zero Gravity Seats do?

Simply put, they allow you to sit (and therefore drive) for a longer period of time without having to worry about your body becoming sore and tired.

Driver fatigue occurs when muscles in the body tire due to staying in the same position. This often happens during long commutes and road trips, and is something you may have even experienced before: that feeling of being worn out or exhausted after being behind the wheel for hours, despite not having done anything to physically exert yourself. Except you did, without even realizing it.

The human body copes with tiredness by slumping and slouching, which puts added pressure on the spinal column by compressing and curving it. This, in turn, puts pressure on the shoulders and back, which leads to even more fatigue.

Interior of car featuring zero gravity seats

By using an in-lab seat simulator and musculoskeletal model, the researchers at Keio University were able to track and document these domino effects on the back and body. This allowed us to iterate the Zero Gravity seat design, which included extensive biomechanical analysis as well as real-world evaluations by professional drivers. Since the goal was to make Zero Gravity seats effective for people of all shapes and sizes, we recruited test drivers galore: men and women from across the spectrum, with every combination of height, weight and body type accounted for.

By studying these drivers’ biometrics, lab techs were able to develop and analyze a comprehensive panel of pre- and post-drive medical tests. This even included blood samples, which allowed the technicians to monitor lactic acid levels – a key indicator of muscular strain and fatigue.

By the end, we had enough data and driver feedback to build the ultimate driver’s seat. And that’s exactly what we did.

Which INFINITI cars have Zero Gravity Seats?

2022 INFINITI QX60 crossover

Crossover comfort

The 2022 QX60, our most capable and refined crossover yet, has a remarkably stylish-yet-comfortable interior – and its Zero Gravity seats are a big reason why.

2022 INFINITI Q60 sedan

Sedan satisfaction

If you’re in the market for a sedan instead, the 2022 Q60 offers luxuriously appointed Zero Gravity seats for both the driver and front passenger.