QX Inspiration Concept

The Dawn of an Electrified Future

Electrifying the INFINITI range means rethinking the luxury car from the ground up. The QX Inspiration isn’t just our first fully electric concept vehicle. It defines a new era of INFINITI design, powered by exceptional performance and range. Discover what’s in store.

“The QX Inspiration marks the beginning of a new generation of INFINITI cars and establishes a direct blueprint for the brand’s first electric vehicle.”

Mike Colleran, Global Division Vice President, Marketing & Sales Operations, INFINITI

Infused with Japanese DNA

To imagine a new type of luxury vehicle, we based the QX Inspiration on the principles of modern Japanese design and architecture. Inspired by origami, elegant folds define the body, while signature colour treatments take a cue from Japanese ceramics. Underneath it all is the concept of ‘Ma’, which celebrates the open space between every line.

2019 INFINITI QX Inspiration Rear View

Powerful Proportions

The QX Inspiration combines enhanced aerodynamics with angled panels and powerful proportions. Its long roofline peaks in height directly above the front seats, sloping downward to create an aerodynamically efficient Kammtail rear.

2019 INFINITI QX Inspiration Headlight

Focused on the Details

Up front, smooth surfaces stand in place of a more conventional grille, while aerodynamic channels direct air around the body. This same precision is found in the laser-etched pattern of the headlamps.

“New technology has given us the opportunity to evolve our design philosophy – and the new vehicle communicates the ‘serene strength’ at our core.”

Karim Habib, Executive Design Director, INFINITI

Awakening Every Sense

Since the QX Inspiration is fully electric, there’s no need for traditional engine components that take up extra space. As a result, this concept vehicle introduces an unconventional lounge-like interior, rich in luxurious materials. Following ‘omotenashi’, the principle of Japanese hospitality, the cabin draws you in from the moment the clamshell doors open.

2019 INFINITI QX Inspiration Interior Side View
2019 INFINITI QX Inspiration Front Seats Interior

Tranquil and Inviting

The cabin creates a welcoming, open atmosphere, inviting all occupants to sit back and unwind. Timbre louvres on the roof enhance the tranquil mood, flooding the interior with beautiful patterns made up of light and shadow.

2019 INFINITI QX Inspiration Back Seats Interior

Hand-Crafted Comfort

Every inch of the interior is designed to awaken your senses. Its hand-crafted leather seats let passengers recline into luxury, while quilted cloth accents add a distinguished look and feel. A marble centre console makes the space even more inviting, with a floral vase in the second row.

2019 INFINITI QX Inspiration Steering Wheel Monitor

Control at Your Fingertips

The same show-stopping design extends to the driver’s seat. Here, a gold-tinted, wide-screen monitor lets you scan the controls with ease. For more convenient access, the leather-appointed steering wheel puts a secondary display at your command.

2019 INFINITI QX Inspiration Ambient Lighting Lamp

Take in the Warmth

To make each journey even more relaxing, we placed calming ambient lighting throughout the cabin space. Inspired by the colours of Japanese spring, it’s the perfect complement to the gold-tinted accents throughout the interior.

Discover the Interior

Inspired by INFINITI’s Heritage

The QX Inspiration reinvents the modern luxury vehicle, pioneering a new approach with references to Japanese art, culture and design. See how INFINITI designers have brought this daring vision to life.

“It’s the empty space between the edges that often carries the loudest message.”

Karim Habib, Executive Design Director, INFINITI

2019 QX50

The Most Advanced INFINITI on the Road

The desire to continuously evolve our vehicles led us to create the QX Inspiration concept. This same innovative drive lies at the heart of the All-New QX50. See why it’s the most advanced INFINITI on the road today.

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