QX80 2020

Better Backup

Smart Rear View Mirror

See what’s behind you with exceptional clarity. The Smart Rear View Mirror keeps your sightlines free of passengers and cargo. It even helps you see better at night. The toggle transforms your mirror into an LCD screen, displaying an enhanced view from a high-resolution camera. So, a full vehicle can still mean full visibility. [[202]]

A close up of the 2020 INFINITI QX80's backup mirror safety feature
2020 INFINITI QX80 SUV Side Profile in Champagne

Always in Command

The QX80’s Driver Assist Technologies anticipate what’s in your path, helping you respond faster when obstacles are near. Equipped with the most standard safety technologies in our line-up, they make every manoeuvre more exact, more effortless. Only taking over when it’s absolutely crucial. Experience the foundation of INFINITI’s autonomous drive technologies and elevate every ride.