Built to Thrill

Q60 was made to look as refined as it drove. With sleek lines, a race-inspired front façade and aerodynamic finishes, its commanding road presence turned heads and dropped jaws in equal measure. Inspire that same reaction when you get behind the wheel of the Q50.

Rear view of INFINITI Q60

Artistry on Display

Daring curves and flowing lines intensified Q60's powerful pose. Standard 19-inch and optional 20-inch aluminum-alloy wheels lent ferocity and elegance to its appearance. Q50 Red Sport’s 19-inch wheels offer a similar athletic stance.

INFINITI Q60 luxury interior

Complete Luxury

Q60 defied expectations. Inside, boldly-styled premium materials captivated senses, while cutting-edge technology and convenience features made driving an absolute joy. Discover the same craftsmanship when you step into the Q50.

Surrounded With Safety


Loaded with advanced safety features, Q60 put drivers first. Predictive Forward Collision Warning monitored up to two vehicles ahead, allowing the system to detect and avert any potential collisions. [[148]]

INFINITI Q60 driving on the highway showcasing forward collision safety feature
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INFINITI Q60 360 degree bird's eye view safety feature

Around View® Monitor With Moving Object Detection


Q60 owners navigated the tightest spaces with the utmost confidence. Four cameras provided a virtual 360º bird’s-eye view, alerting drivers to any incoming surprises. This innovative safety tech remains optional on Q50.[[92]]

Force of Nature


From the inside out, Q60 punched well above its weight. The twin-turbocharged V6 engine impressed drivers with high-performance specs, while aerodynamic design kept this thrilling coupe stable at high speeds and through tight corners. Q60 packed more than enough muscle to set drivers apart from the pack.

INFINITI Q60 aerodynamic design
INFINITI Q60 twin-turbocharged V6 engine

Double Quick


Q60 offered two turbocharged V6 options. The standard engine with 300-horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque had the perfect marriage of quickness and pull. Owners that kicked things up a notch opted for models with 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. Looking to experience the rush for yourself? Press your foot on the pedal of the Q50, where both engines continue to excite.


Pinnacle of Performance

Q60 Red Sport I-LINE unleashed the true potential of the road. It tapped into drivers’ passion for performance with exclusive design and unstoppable power. From its bold new front grille to the enhanced dual exhaust, it was the ultimate expression of our iconic sport coupe.

INFINITI Q60 I line front view

Dauntless Stance


Available only in Canada and in limited quantities, the Q60 Red Sport I-LINE debuted with an exclusive blacked-out front grille. The stunning diamond mesh and pronounced outer contours made its appearance that much fiercer. See how they have the same effect on the Q50 Red Sport I-LINE.

INFINITI Q60 premium alloy wheels

Shoes to Match


Q60 Red Sport turned up its style with 20-inch sport wheels. While their stunning aluminum-alloy design stood out from the crowd, they grabbed more than just attention. With all-season performance tires, they kept a firm grip on the pavement – and a step ahead of the conditions.

INFINITI Q60 sports sedan

Q60 Turned Sedan


While the Q60 may no longer be available, its spirit lives on. Discover the INFINITI Q50 sport sedan, where the best of the Q60 continues to thrill. Grab your crew, hit every apex and make each journey your own. See how you can elevate your drive in this flawless five-seater.

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